img_1581Five Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra

by Chrissy Columbino

With Valentines Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your heart chakra is in check. Below are 5 easy ways to balance your heart chakra:

1. Carry a rose quartz crystal everywhere with you! Known as the “love stone” this pink crystal has powerful energy that resonates with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible not only for the love of other people but it is responsible for the love we have for ourselves. This crystal has a powerful effect on healing your emotional state and aiding in relationship problems by producing peaceful and calming sensations that help dissolve anger and resentment helping us feel compassion and forgiveness. I typically carry my stone in my pocket book and use it during mediation and yoga. You can also wear the crystal around the neck that way the energy of the crystal will resonate out into your whole aura.

2. Rose oil: Apply topically to the temples during mediation or any heart opener pose. Apply some to the wrist as well to keep you balanced throughout the day. Rose oil boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength. It also relieves anxiety. Not only will you have a happy heart and mind, its light sweet scent will make you smell good too.

3. Meditation: Don’t be afraid to sit with yourself and your thoughts. Choose a mantra that is different every day. “I will forgive XX,” “I will let go of XX” “This no longer serves me” I am open to love” are just a few affirmations you can chant silently while meditating.

4. Heart healing bath….(wine suggested but optional) A good soak in the tub can always wash away any negativity and help calm the mind. Plus, you’re pampering yourself! Not only does this help with balancing the heart chakra but your skin will feel nice and soft and will release any toxins by the use of the Epsom salt.

1/2 cup of sweet almond oil

10 drops of rose oil

Little bit of Epsom salt.

5. Reclining Bound Angle Pose using a bolster: Come to a seated position with the legs stretched outward. Bringing the bolster right up to the lower spine, begin to slowly lean the spine back over the bolster. When in position bring soles of the feet together. Palms should be facing up so you can give and receive positive vibes from the universe. While in pose, breathe deeply and meditate on the color green.

Hope your February is full of love and light!

Teacher Spotlight:

kathrynquinnsanchezphotoHave you met the cutie of the studio, Katherine Quinn-Sanchez? Katherine’s teaching mirrors her personality, bringing playfulness, and spark to the mat.  A former ballet dancer, she’s all about finding a space filled with joy and contentment no matter where you are.  If you haven’t tried her Warm Gentle Flow on Thursday Mornings, you really should get out and share your salsa feet and sassy hands with her!

Workshops and Events!

  • Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole Buratti – 21 CEU’s! $295.
  • Breathe Life Sangha Yoga Teacher Training Open House Enrollment
    January 15th 1:00-3:00 PM. Free Q&A session. Light refreshments served.
    Come meet our lead trainers and see why our YTT is so desirable!
    Six Month YTT starts Sept of 2017 – Early bird specials.
    Class sessions will be Friday nights and Saturdays.
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath & Meditation with Louisa Feb. 19 12-1:30
  • Yoga Wheel Workshop with Louisa  March 19 12-1:30


Other EXCITING stuff:

Have you seen our new Yoga Wall!!!


Private and semi-private class will be offered soon.  Call the studio to learn how the yoga wall can enhance your practice!

Breathe Life Sangha Yoga Teacher Training


Have you been practicing yoga for a while and want to deepen your personal practice?
Has yoga changed your life and you want to share its many benefits with others?
We have a 6-month YTT starting in September, 2017 with a very convenient Friday night/Saturday schedule.  Early bird pricing and payment plans available.

Why Choose BLS for your YTT?
– We are an independently, locally run studio with an interest in serving our community
– Our focus is bringing the traditional eight limbs of Yoga to life in a modern perspective
– Our lead trainers have each been trained in their own specialties, bringing a broader educational experience to the student
– Smaller classes provide a more individualized education
– YA and IAYT recognized teaching staff

Visit our website to download an information package and application at

Contact Regina at (732) 600-8030 for more information.


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